Conditional Formatting


About Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formatting lets you color-code your data for easier understanding. Formatting your data makes it easier to share with others and brings attention to the most important issues. Formatting is currently available for connected fields like Jira Status and Assignee, as well as Visor custom fields, such as drop-down fields.


The Custom Formatting you apply in one view will apply to all other views within the same folder. If there is more than one folder in a workbook, you can format the data in each folder separately.


Accessing Conditional Formatting:

There are three ways to access formatting for your fields. First, click the paint roller icon in the toolbar. By clicking the paint roller icon, the formatting menu will display all possible fields to be formatted.

The second way to access conditional formatting is to click on the field name in the header row and click "Manage Field Choices." By clicking on the field's header row, the formatting menu will automatically open to the formatting options for that specific field.

The third way to format your fields is to click directly in a cell with a choice you'd like to format, and select "Manage Field Choices."


Apply Colors to Text & Backgrounds

There are a few different ways you can apply colors to the text and backgrounds of your choices. First, you can simply use the preset formatting options.


If using the preset formatting options, a circle will denote that a preset option is already in use for another choice within that particular field.

The second way to format your data is by using the the color selector.


Third, you can format your data by typing in specific HEX, RGB, and HSL numbers.


Apply font formatting

Text can also be formatted using bold, italics, underline, and strikethrough.


Format empty cells

Sometimes, it might be helpful for you to see which records do not have any choices in a given field. In order to make these cells more visible, you can format empty cells in the same way you'd format other drop down field choices.


Toggling your formatting

With toggling, you get to decide when you want to see your formatting and when you don't. This can be helpful if you'd like to temporarily highlight specific data.

Table View

Use the toggles in the formatting menu to view the formatting you've applied to your fields.


Gantt View

You are able to apply formatting to the grid and the bars separately. Note that you are only able to select one field's formatting to be applied to the bars.


Timeline View

Toggle the formatting of the bars based on the formatting you've assigned to your different fields.


Reorder pick list items

In the formatting menu, use the grippers on the left side of each choice to reorder the items in a drop down. This will change the order of the choices in the drop-down field when you are working in your worksheet.


Add new drop-down choices

Adding additional drop-down choices for Visor fields is easy. Simply open the formatting menu and click "Manage Field" for the field you'd like to add a new choice to. Then, select "Add Another Choice" and click "Save."


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