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Learn how to optimize your data story using filters
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About Filters

Focus only on the data you want to see by hiding the data you don't. Filtering helps you show only the most important and relevant data to your stakeholders and hide the rest. Filtering is currently available for connected fields like Jira Status and Assignee, as well as Visor custom fields, such as drop-down fields.

Note: The filters you create will only apply to your current view. If you'd like multiple views with the same filters applied, you may duplicate the current view by clicking on the view name in the view selector area. The filters will be duplicated as well.


Access the Filtering Menu

There are two ways to access filtering. First simply click the funnel icon in the toolbar. By clicking the funnel, the filtering menu will display all possible fields to be filtered.

The second way to access this menu is by clicking the header row of the field you'd like to filter, and then select "Filter Field" from the drop-down. By clicking in the field's header row, the filtering menu will automatically open to the filtering options for that specific field.


Applying Filters

From the filtering menu, select the field you'd like to filter by, and then select the choices you'd like displayed. Your workbook will update in real time for you and your colleagues as you make these selections.

Note: If a child record is to be displayed according to you filters, the parent record will also be displayed (even if it the parent record doesn't meet the filtering criteria itself).


Use the search bar to quickly find the choices you'd like to filter

If there are a lot of choices for the Field you are filtering, use the search feature to quickly find what you are looking for.


Select All

Using the Select All feature when creating a filter is different than having no filter at all. "Select All" displays all of the currently available choices within a field. This means that if more choices are added to that field at a later point in time, the newly added choices will not be included in the view. When you use the "Select All" feature, you are selecting to filter out any new choices as they arrive.


Quickly keep tabs on your filters

As you add filters to your workbook, a number will appear next to the filtering icon in the tool bar representing how many filters have been applied to that particular view.

You can also easily see if a filter has been applied to a specific field. A blue funnel icon will appear in the header row of all fields with active filters.


You can also quickly see which choices have been selected for each filter in the filter menu.


Filtering label fields

Filters for fields that contain multiple choices, such as Jira Labels are an "or" type filter. When selecting multiple choices, the filter will display records that contain either choice, not both choices.

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