Welcome to our Pricing support page! Here you can find more information about features that are included in our paid plans, and answers to frequently asked questions you may have.

Our main pricing page is located here: and can be found in app by clicking the Upgrade button.

If you have any questions that aren't answered here, feel free to contact us either by phone: ‪(864) 571-3591‬, or by sending us a message.

Feature Descriptions


We currently support Owner, Editor, Commenter, and Viewer roles, depending on which plan you are on. To see what each permissions level provides access to, see our Sharing & Permissions page

Views per Workbook

Visor supports creating multiple views on the same set of data. Creating multiple Views allows you to set up different filters on each of them. The plan limits are applied on the number of Views you have in the same workbook. See Views for more information.

Number of Connections vs Number of Integrations

Connections exist on the workbook level and Integrations exist at the Workspace level. An Integration refers to a specific app that you've integrated into your account e.g. Jira, Salesforce.

You can have multiple connections in the same workbook, in some cases even multiple Connections to the same app. For Jira, the only available Connection is for Issues, but for Salesforce / HubSpot, you can set up Connected Fields on different types in the same workbook.

Color Swatches / Custom Colors

Currently, Visor supports a standardized set of colors to be used for Filters & Formatting:


In the future, we will be adding custom swatches to allow you to further customize your workbooks according to your company's colors or whatever you'd like.

Scheduled Syncing

We are currently working on delivering a new Integration Management dashboard that will provide functionality for scheduled importing / syncing. Check out our Roadmap for more details.

Share specific views

We are working on allowing the ability to share specific views with specific users. This would allow customizing a view specifically for one of your stakeholders, and another view for someone else. Check out our Roadmap to see how this feature is being prioritized.

Printing / Exporting

We will soon be allowing the ability to export your views into a PDF, PNG, or CSV file so you can share them with the world. This would allow transferring into Excel, demo-ing in a Powerpoint, or sharing via other platforms. Check out our Roadmap to see how this feature is being prioritized.

Real-time Collaboration

All Visor plans make use of our revolutionary real time systems. These systems propagate any changes to a workbook to any user connected to that workbook. You can try this out by having the same workbook open in two tabs and making changes!

Audit Trails

Audit trails and version history have been highly requested and are prioritized highly on our Product Roadmap. This feature will allow you to restore a workbook to a previous state, or undo any recent changes.

Advanced Field Protection (Protected Fields)

We know you may have a bunch of people from different departments or different roles that want access to your planning information, but you may not want to give all of them the ability to make changes to your visualizations. That's why we're adding the ability to lock certain fields for certain access levels or users. This feature will be available to our Pro + Ultimate users and will be available soon.


Can I use Visor for free?

Of course! Visor is happy to offer a Free plan. This gives you access to some basic Visor features and lets you experience just how productive your team can be. You can upgrade at any time if you run out of Sync Credits or want to allow more team members to edit your workbooks.

What is a Sync Credit?

See Sync Credits in our Glossary.

What happens when I run out of Sync Credits or exceed my plan limits?

When we detect that you've exceeded your plan limits a member of our Customer Success team will reach out about upgrading your account. We want your syncs to keep running and offer a 7-day grace period to upgrade your account before we disallow you from using more sync credits or accessing premium features. Sync Credits can also be purchased in the following packs depending on your subscription level: Visor Pro - $25/month per additional 1,000 sync credits; Visor Ultimate - $20/month per additional 1,000 sync credits.

How does Visor's pricing work?

The Free plan supports a limited but powerful set of features and is available for free for any number of collaborators. The plan is limited in the number of fields, workbooks, connections, and Sync Credits that you are allowed to use. If you want to access premium features, you can upgrade your Workspace to either the Pro or Ultimate plan. Once upgraded, you'll be able to create more workbooks with more fields, make more connections, and perform more syncs. Note that the billing is based on the number of Editors you want to be able to make changes to your workbooks. All of our plans support unlimited viewers, so you can share your workbook with as many team members as you want.

Do I have to pay for all the users in my Jira/Salesforce/HubSpot account?

In short, no! You only have to pay for the users you would like to be able to edit your Visor workbooks. Editors have the ability to pull new records, make changes to connected fields, and sync changes back to your connected apps. All Visor plans (even the Free plan) have unlimited viewers.

Can I belong to multiple workspaces in Visor?

You can belong to any number of Workspaces in Visor. You can have a personal workspace on our Free plan, a team workspace on a Pro plan, and other workspaces on different plans.

Does Visor offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

We do not offer a standard SLA. For teams with greater than 20 members, we can offer a custom SLA. Contact our sales team to learn more.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major forms of payment including credit cards and ACH transfers. We use Stripe to process our payments so we do not handle your payment information directly.

How secure is Visor?

Visor is incredibly secure. All of your data is stored encrypted on AWS. You can read more about our security practices on our Trust & Security page. We are also just certified by the Atlassian Security Self Assessment program.

Will I be charged sales tax?

In order to stay compliant with local regulations, Visor will charge sales tax based on the region your company is located in. Sales tax is calculated automatically by Stripe.

Is there an on-premises version of Visor?

We are passionate about the web and do not plan to offer an internally hosted version of Visor.

Does Visor offer a discount for nonprofits?

Visor is happy to offer eligible nonprofits a discount on Pro or Ultimate plans. Reach out to our Sales team to learn about how we can help.

Does Visor offer a student discount?

Visor is happy to offer student discounts on Pro or Ultimate plans. Reach out to our Sales team to find out how we can help.

How do I cancel my Visor subscription or trial?

In order to cancel your subscription, reach out to our Sales team. You will not be charged again after you inform us of your intent to cancel.

What is your refund policy?

If you've made a mistake signing up for a Visor subscription and have already paid, we will offer a full refund if you let us know within 72 hours of your sign up for a monthly plan, or 30 days after you sign up for annual billing. Contact our Sales team to discuss refunds.

Have another question?

Reach out to our Sales team, we'd love to hear from you!