ProductHunt Launch Promotion
ProductHunt Launch Promotion

ProductHunt Launch Promotion

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👋  Welcome Product Hunters! We’re so excited you’re taking the time to check us out.
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What you get

This promotion includes a few things that will amp up your Visor experience compared to what we offer the rest of our Free Plan users.

  1. Import up to 500 records per workbook (compared to 250 for Free)
    • We want to make sure you get your first few workbooks set up with enough context to get a high level view of your Jira projects. This increase should let you see more and build more powerful views with your data.
  2. 10 Data Views per Workbook (compared to 5 for Free)
    • Views are one of Visor’s most powerful assets. They allow you to create different slices of your data. We increased this limit to make sure you can build a complete flexible solution that satisfies all members of your team before running into any limiting.
  3. 100k Sync Credits Until 5/21 (compared to 15,000 for Free)
    • The whole point of Visor is to keep your data in sync! We want to make sure you don’t run into limits on Sync Credits while you’re trying us out so we’re giving you plenty of leeway here. Import, Sync, Pull changes to your hearts content!