Reauthorizing your Connected App
Reauthorizing your Connected App

Reauthorizing your Connected App

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Understand how to reauthorize you connected app
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Why Reauthorize

Over the course of a normal workflow, Visor’s connection to your Connected App can get stale over time. In rare cases this can start to cause issues that a simple reauthorization will fix.

Another reason for a reauthorization is when we release new features (like Jira Sprint!) that change the configuration of our connection with Jira. To make sure your connection to Jira is up to date with the latest changes from Visor, reauthorization essentially recreates the connection.

How to Reauthorize

  1. In your workbook, click Connections to go to the integration management modal.
  2. Go to Advanced Settings (the rightmost tab)
  3. Click Reauthorize Integration, and sign into your Connected App provider
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  5. That’s it! Visor should recreate the connection and refresh any necessary configuration changes.