Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan


This plan covers the service of as a service provided to users. This plan outlines the key business areas required to be operational and the critical technical systems that need to be available to deliver this service.

In the event of a disaster (unforeseen event that causes an interruption beyond the control of the company) steps to mitigate down-time and data loss have been outlined for the critical systems required to deliver this service.

Key Areas & Critical Functions

In order to provide the service to users, certain technologies utilized by Visor must be up and reachable via the internet.

Visor is built using Amazon AWS and as a result, availability of certain products provided by Amazon AWS will impact the availability of Our service contract with Amazon AWS guarantees a Monthly Uptime Percentage of at least 99.95% for all products currently utilized to serve the Visor app.

Backups & Acceptable Downtime

Customer data is backed up to online replicas on a nightly basis and retained for 30 days with support for point-in-time recovery. These backups are encrypted and have the same protections as our production environment. Additionally, all of our services are configured in automatic scaling groups that scale up to meet peak demand.

In the event of a service outage, we will proactively notify you of the situation, including but not limited to data outages and recovery efforts being performed by our team. In the event of a disaster, users can expect a maximum of 1 business day for data recovery efforts to be concluded and services fully restored.

Correspondence will be emailed to impacted users upon completion of the recovery effort.

Plan Details

  1. An individual on the Visor team gets notified of the situation
  2. The internal Visor Crisis Recovery (VCR) team is assembled and made aware of the scope of the issue
  3. The VCR team reaches out to any third party contacts regarding the issue (if applicable)
  4. The VCR team drafts and sends email correspondence to all users who will be experiencing a loss of service while the issue is being resolved
    1. If the Visor app remains reachable via the internet, it will display an in-app notification that it can not connect to the Visor data-store and warn the user that changes will not be saved (if applicable)
  5. The VCR team passes off specific instructions to the rest of the company outlining the plan of action to mitigate or resolve the current issue
    1. The back-end team will retrieve the most current backups and apply them to the current databases (if applicable)
    2. The front-end team will investigate any security vulnerabilities in the application and work to patch, test, and deploy hot-fixes (if applicable)
    3. The rest of the team will keep in correspondence with any third party involved with the issue (if applicable)
  6. Upon completion of the plan laid out by the VCR team, email correspondence will be sent to all users who may have been impacted by the loss of service event. This email will describe the scope of the issue and how to follow up with our team in case of further assistance.
  7. The VCR team will conduct a retrospective about mitigation efforts or strategies that can be installed to prevent similar issues from occurring in the future