10/14/22 Release

10/14/22 Release

Visor improves its Jira stability and updated its keyboard shortcuts
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Edit text like your in excel! Speed up your work by using the same keyboard shortcuts as in excel and google sheets. Use “F2” to begin editing cells. A complete list of keyboard shortcuts can be found in app from “Help → View Hotkeys”. It’s also accessible via keyboard shortcuts by using the CTRL + / shortcut on Windows and CMD + / shortcut on Mac.

Change Log


  • Updated keyboard shortcuts to better match excel and google sheets. You can now
  • Resolved a bug preventing Find in Workbook from tracking connected dropdown fields
  • Resolved issues with Jira Parent field sorting

Each release may consist of multiple deployments. If you have any questions, please contact us at support@visor.us.

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Written by Dmitriy Redkin