Visor Roadmap

See Visor's upcoming features and releases below. Our In progress projects generally ship within 4 to 6 weeks of being listed here (often much faster). We list our Planned items in no particular order.

Do you have questions, ideas, or feedback? Please share via email: support@visor.us.

Visor Roadmap

Support Jira “Epic” fields
While Visor can pull in Jira issues with the hierarchy to match the source data, this roadmap item will allow you to change hierarchy in Jira from Visor. When paired with the ability to create items in Jira, you’ll also be able to set up an entire hierarchy of new items in Visor and push to Jira.
Enhance Jira “Sprint” field for Gantt/Timeline views support
You’ll be able to pull in the Jira sprint date information, and use it in Gantt/Timeline views
File-attachment field
Upload documents to your Visor workbooks.
Share Specific Views with Specific Users
Get more control over your sharing. Limit what your collaborators can see & access to give just the right amount of visibility and access.
Improved View Orientation
We're going to help you better understand what's plotting and why. We'll also help you plot items that may be missing certain data necessary to plot.
Set and view milestones on your Gantt & timeline views
View Management
Rename your folders, reorder & move your views, and apply helpful colors to tell them apart.
Live Collaboration Indicators
See what other users are actively looking at your sheet, including which cells they're focused on.
Duplicating workbooks
Once you get your perfect Visor workbook, you’ll be able to make a quick copy to use them like templates.
Version History
Be able to see the state of your Visor workbooks back in time.
Scheduled Importing
Keep your data in Visor fresh with scheduled imports
Scheduled syncing
Keep your data in Visor fresh with scheduled syncs
More field subtypes
Create fields for URLs, Emails, Phone numbers, Percents, Currencies, and more.
Run imports that clean up non-matching items
Imports currently only add new items that match your settings. This feature will allow the import on a workbook to also remove items that no-longer match.
Single Record View
See a record in a detailed view, including all fields, comments, and change history
Slack integration
Share Visor workbooks with your colleagues. And get updates about changes in Visor.
Calculate certain fields and cells based on data in other fields and records.
Select Rows / Columns
Be able to select whole rows & columns. Including multiple at the same time.
Change History
See changes to records and workbooks over time
Dependencies & Advanced Record Relationships
Add intelligence to your Gantt views with special record relationships, including dependencies.
Rich text fields
Support for formatting inside Visor text fields, including bold, italics, underline, and colors.
Auto-updating dates for parent items
Have dates of parent items snap to the earliest & latest dates of children in a hierarchical relationship.
Advanced field filters
Slice and dice your data with more power and control. Set up filters for text fields, date fields, and more.
Card View
See your records in a drag & drop card (kanban) view
Custom week start-dates for Month & Quarter views
Be able to have your weeks start on special days of the week.
Form View
Create forms you can share via Visor that allow others to submit records to your workbooks. Great for collecting feedback. Will allow creating into apps like Jira, Salesforce, HubSpot, and more.
Auto Color Palettes
Rather than picking colors manually, apply a color palette to get a set of harmonious colors to make your data look great.
Printable view
You'll be able to print Visor in a more printer friendly format. (In the interim, feel free to use "Export to PDF" to create a printable view)
SOC 2 Type II Report
To help your team rest assured that your data is safe in Visor.
Multi-factor authentication
Improve your data security with additional security factors.
Single sign-on (Azure, SAML, Okta)
Onboard your full team with ease.
In progress
Improve performance of loads, imports, and syncs
As Visor has scaled, our infrastructure needs have followed. We’re planning to improve how our system scales to ensure consistently fast loads, imports, and syncs.
Creating Jira Issues directly from Visor
Right now you can pull data from Jira and edit & sync it. Soon, it'll be possible to create Jira Issues directly from Visor.
Undo / Redo
Directly undo/redo certain actions in your Visor workbook
Go from 0-100 REAL quick, with prebuilt Visor templates for multiple use cases.
Workspace Management Tools
Be able to rename your workspaces, assign workspace admins, and manage your workspace account & billing plans.
Support for Jira “Sprint” field
You’ll be able to pull in the Jira sprint information.
Make the icons on the connection fields reflect the Jira Issue Type icons (Epics, stories, etc.)
For faster identification, you’ll now be able to see the issue type icon directly on the connection field. (This is the same icon in the “Issue Type” field which has already been supported)
New Onboarding Checklist
To help new users quickly understand Visor, we’re working on a system that’ll help them experience the power’s most important features and workflows.
Infrastructure scaling
There’s more users active on Visor than ever before, and we’re working behind-the-scenes to make sure that our servers scale up during times of peak demand.
Find within a workbook
Use ctrl+f or cmd+f to find terms within your current workbook
Video tutorials
Tune in and power up! Now you can see Visor in action with helpful, brief tutorials record by our product team.
More powerful & robust import experience
We’re refining the import experience so that you can get set up faster & more confidently with your data.
Support for Jira Custom Checklist Fields & Jira Multi-Select Fields
You’ll be able to see, edit, format, filter, and sync these fields.
Improved workbook performance
We’re working to keep Visor running as fast as you are, even when workbooks grow larger.
Partial Support for Jira Rich Text Fields
View Jira’s rich text fields like Description alongside your other connected data in your Visor workbook.
Improve Support for Custom Jira Select Fields
Allows pulling in Jira select fields created with project/context specific dropdown options.
Support for Jira’s “Team” field
This advanced lookup field will let you see the assigned team and make changes from within Visor.
Support for Jira’s “Custom Label” field
With this update, you’ll be able to pull data into Visor for Jira’s “Custom Label” field.
Improved Connection Management
A whole new design for managing connections will bring clarity and power to your connections. This will add support for one-way syncs, so you can only pull from connected apps. You'll also be able to review recent sync activity and manage the health of your connection.
Express Sync & Import
Want a faster way to both import new items to Visor and update existing ones? We're going to roll out the ability to run that with one click. Syncport anyone?
Pull-only syncs
Sync your Jira data to Visor without applying any changes you may have made in Visor
Support for Jira Custom Hierarchies (Initiatives)
Beyond just Epics, Stories, and the normal issue types, Visor will support all forms of custom hierarchies, including common custom levels like "Initiatives"
Jira "Resolution" field
You'll be able to bring this special Jira field into Visor.
In-product help & guidance tips
We're improving the in-product guidance system, so you'll be able to click help icons throughout the product to learn more about selected features and options.
Protected Fields
Workbook owners can set fields to "readonly" to protect their data. You'll be able to share edit access with more confidence about what others can change.
Revised typography
The new Lato font for Visor will improve readability, alignment, and bring a fresh new look to Visor.
Support for Jira "Version" field
This field requires advanced Visor functionality.
Support for Jira "Release" field
This field requires advanced Visor functionality.
Support for Jira "Component" field
This field requires advanced Visor functionality.
Exporting to JPG, PDF, PNG, CSV
Export your views from Visor to share via other platforms.
Color Palettes for Conditional Formatting
Rather than picking colors manually, apply color options that best fit your workbook aesthetics.
Revised Filtering & Formatting
The formatting & filtering functions that reside in the right sidebar are getting a UX update, and moving to the navbar.
Improved billing & subscription management experience
We're adding more in-product capabilities for managing your Visor subscription.
Revised workspace settings page
We're improving our settings page in preparation for further expansion of capabilities. You'll be able to customize the color of your avatar.
Context-aware training helpers
After certain events or milestones, helpful prompts will give you timely training on how to get the most out of Visor.
Embed Visor in Confluence, Notion, etc.
Visor makes it easier to embed a workbook in other apps like Confluence, Notion, and more.
Expanded keyboard shortcuts
More support for standard keyboard shortcuts familiar from other spreadsheet products.
Jira Security Self-Assessment
Visor will become accredited according to the Atlassian Marketplace terms for self-assessment.
Month / Quarter views
See Gantt & Timelines at a higher level.
Improved Integration Flows
An improved experience for adding & managing your connections.
Bulk open / close nested items
Easily show & hide lower levels of nesting with one-click access.
Knowledge Base
Launch a support & knowledge base where users can see more information about what Visor offers
Smoother Gantt & Timeline Configuration
Gantt & timeline can propose smart defaults to speed up configuration
No-code Jira importer
Import your Jira data without having to write JQL.
Improved dropdown choice management
More easily create new dropdown choices
Comments on cells
Leave comments on cells and be able to mention & alert collaborators.
Date/time field support
Add date/time fields to be able to indicate even more precise timestamps.
Time field support
Be able to represent times of day as a field in your workbooks.
Salesforce integration (beta)
Integrate with Salesforce data.
HubSpot integration (alpha)
Integrate with HubSpot data.
Jira nesting support
Workbooks can support nesting, as reflected by Jira's standard nesting relationships (Epics, Stories, Tasks, Subtasks).
Advanced Jira field support (assignee, priority, labels)
Support for certain advanced Jira fields.
Changing the primary label for records
Be able to select other custom fields to become the primary record label field.
Multi-select dropdown fields
Be able to create Visor fields that are dropdowns with multiple simultaneous choices allowed.
Improved scrolling performance
Scroll larger grids with improved performance.
Enhanced sorting for Jira keys
Support for a special alpha-numeric sorting algorithm for Jira's key field that appropriately sorts the project prefix alphabetically and the ticket number numerically.
More helpful sync warnings and errors
Visor's syncing system now provides more helpful warnings and errors to help you troubleshoot integration issues.
Bulk change reverting
Easily revert multiple changes you've made to external data with bulk reverting.
Syncing specific rows at a time
Right click on specific rows to be able to sync just that row.
Show gantt items that only have 1 of 2 dates
"Ghosts" will display for items on the gantt that have just one date.

Our roadmap items and timelines are subject to change. Please check back periodically for the latest.