10/29/21 Release

10/29/21 Release

Visor offers expanded keyboard shortcut support.
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Navigate your workbooks like a pro. Visor is now a paradise for all of our keyboard shortcut wizards.
Bulk open and close your nested items quickly with Visor's new expanding/collapsing options.

Change Log


  • Converted the "add field"column to a button.
    • Newly added fields are now automatically scrolled into view.
    • Insert columns left and right in Gantt/Timeline view.
  • Updated formatting labels to automatically apply to a given view.
  • Updated product nesting functionality.
    • Gantt views automatically display all nesting levels.
    • View menu now has options to expand and collapse views at particular nesting levels.
    • Expanding and collapsing functionality now available via keyboard shortcuts.
    • Improved nesting indicators during record drag functionality.
  • Implemented functionality to remove dates from Gantt view.
  • Implemented and improved keyboard shortcuts. See below for a list of new keyboard shortcuts, and checkout our keyboard shortcut index for a list of all new shortcuts.
    • Select rows/columns
    • Expand/collapse nested rows
    • Insert/edit comments
    • Navigate to beginning/end of row or sheet
    • Insert row above/below
    • Insert nested row


  • Resolved a bug with dropdown functionality resulting in greedy value creations.
  • Resolved a bug with hidden fields showing as "rows" on Gantt/Timeline views.
  • Resolved a bug with oversized menu's not scrolling into view.
  • Improved product security, and resolved various minor bugs.

Each release may consist of multiple deployments. If you have any questions, please contact us at support@visor.us.

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Written by Dmitriy Redkin