1/18/22 Release

1/18/22 Release

Jira Initiative nesting, performance related bug fixes
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Does your team use Jira’s Advanced Roadmaps feature for a more in depth view of upcoming projects and initiatives? We’re constantly looking for ways to make Visor and Jira the perfect combo, and the latest release brings support for nesting with Custom Hierarchies.

That means pulling your Initiatives and any other custom hierarchy levels into Visor.

You can nest Epics below your Initiatives, and you can drag Tasks, Stories, or Bugs below them as well! Visor’s nesting is incredibly flexible.


This also means you can set your Visor roadmap to include your team’s Initiatives for longer term planning.


Change Log


  • Support for Jira custom hierarchies (Initiatives) - You can now import and nest Jira custom hierarchies like Initiatives in Visor (Highlighted above).


  • Bug fix for exporting to PNG, PDF, JPG - In making changes in our app to handle different types of custom icons from Jira, we created a bug in the way our export files were created. Now you can once again export your Visor workbooks to your heart’s content ❤️.
  • P.S. For those technically inclined and curious: the bug was caused by the way Vue handles v-if statements. Instead of elements that are v-if'd off being removed from the DOM, they are “rendered” as empty html elements <!—->, causing the firstChild() function to return null :/

  • Bug fix for unnecessary field refreshes when adding a new connection - We are currently in the process of a major rewrite of our connection management flow, and we recently noticed a large performance bottleneck in the way we handled adding new connections. Nearly every time you would add a new connection, the connection message would say “2 operations running”. This was because some logic on our backend was saying it was time to perform a field refresh. We corrected this behavior, and adding new connections should now be ~15 seconds faster on average 👍.

Each release may consist of multiple deployments. If you have any questions, please contact us at support@visor.us.

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Written by Corey