3/11/22 Release

3/11/22 Release

Adds support for Jira Team, custom select fields, various bug fixes
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Jira is an expansive platform that provides so many different ways to set up a project. Despite having 15+ projects in our own account, we consistently find new ways to set things up.

Last week we discovered you can create custom select (dropdown) fields in certain project configurations under Project Settings → Issue Types. These dropdown fields have values that are specific to each project. In this example, I created a T-Shirt size field to measure some of our demo tasks:


I was pretty surprised to see that I couldn’t pull customfield_11001 into Visor right after I created it! Naturally our engineers got right on it and were able to add project-specific dropdown fields to the app:


You can pull in Jira’s “Team” field, as well as many custom dropdown fields that depend on a specific Project for their dropdown options.`

Change Log


  • Support for Jira Teams - Jira’s Advanced Roadmapping tool introduces the concept of a Team that you can apply to your Issues. We’ve added support for that field so you can bring it into Visor.
  • Support for Custom Select Fields - Allows pulling in project specific dropdown/select fields. Explained in more detail above.


  • 😴  Sleeping Tabs - Previously leaving a Visor tab (and all of its realtime goodness) open for 6+ hours would cause it to “fall asleep” and lose some of its connections. This gave some pretty wonky results and required a refresh to fix. We’ve updated our socket connections to automatically refresh & stay open to prevent this. In some extreme cases we’ll flash a warning to let you know a refresh is necessary
  • Orphaned Records - Previously deleting a record that had nested children would put its children in a quantum state of not being visible but also not quite being fully deleted. We’ve resolved this to give you more options when deleting and also put orphaned records on the root level.

Each release may consist of multiple deployments. If you have any questions, please contact us at support@visor.us.

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Written by Dmitriy Redkin