3/15/22 Release

3/15/22 Release


Adds readonly support for Jira Rich Text, allows viewing long readonly fields

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Rich text is making its way into Visor!

You can now pull in Jira’s description field and view it alongside your connected data. Rich text fields are set to readonly for now, but we’ll be opening the floodgates for editing rich text in Visor shortly.

Change Log


  • Partial Support for Jira Rich Text (ADF) - We’ve added readonly support for Atlassian Document Format (ADF) fields in Visor, which means you can view descriptions for your Jira issues right in your Visor workbook.


  • Allow Viewing Long Cells at readonly levels - Previously if there was long text in a cell that caused it to wrap past the end of the cell, the only way to see what was in the cell was to double-click to edit. We’ve fixed this to let double-clicking for view-only and comment-only users open the cell to see what’s inside. This also applies for protected fields. No more wondering what’s on the third line of text in your cells!
  • Better error handling when opening a link from the wrong workspace -
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    Previously if you opened a workbook link while signed into the wrong workspace, you’d see a blank screen. We’ve added a helpful error message to let you know what happened. In the future we’ll be encoding workspace information into the URL to allow automatic switching when opening links.

Each release may consist of multiple deployments. If you have any questions, please contact us at support@visor.us.

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Written by Dmitriy Redkin