5/12/22 Release

5/12/22 Release


Find in workbook (CTRL+F)

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Find in Workbook

Tired of that look your scrollbar gives you when you can’t find the record you’re looking for in your Visor workbook? Well, we think it’s time your scrollbar got some rest.

Find in workbook has been released! Just press ctrl+f (or cmd+f on Mac) to access the new menu.

No more searching for that one missing Jira Issue! Just press ctrl+f, type in whatever you remember, and let Visor do the heavy lifting of finding that record for you.

How to Video Tutorials

We dropped a whole new set of video tutorials in the app and in our Knowledge Base. Check them out to find out how our Gantt view works, how to share reports from Visor, and so much more!

Change Log


  • ⏩  Find in workbook - Press ctrl+f to find that missing record in your Visor workbook. Can’t wait to hear about how much time it saves you!
  • 🤔. How to Video Series - We’ve created/released a whole set of new videos, check them out by heading to Help → Video Tutorials.
  • 💪  Upgrade to Node 16 - We’ve upgraded all of our frontend infrastructure to run on the latest version of Node. This brings a host of security updates, speed increases, and bundle size reductions to Visor. We’re excited to stay on the cutting edge of the technologies we rely on.


  • 📩  Invite Teammates Failing - We had some minor bugs causing big issues to our invite flow in some rare cases. We patched these up so you should now be able to show the magic of Visor to as many Teammates as you’d like!

Each release may consist of multiple deployments. If you have any questions, please contact us at support@visor.us.

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Written by Dmitriy Redkin