5/3/22 Release

5/3/22 Release

A whole bunch of bug fixes & quality of life improvements
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Roadmap Items Included

Change Log


  • Cell Message Improvements - The cell messages have been getting in the way a bit too much recently, so we added some new code to “duck” them out of the way when you click on a cell. This should make things like drag to select, shift + click another cell to expand your selection, and just general operations in a workbook with a lot of cell messages feel a lot smoother.
  • Add Sharing & Permissions Link - We gave the Share modal some TLC and added a link to our Sharing and Permissions knowledge base article. This should make it easier for people to know who can do what in their workbooks, and just improve trust in sharing overall.


  • Sorting for Atlassian Rich Text Fields - We fixed a bug that was preventing sorting rich text fields (like a Jira Issue Description). You should now be able to sort your workbook and views to your heart’s content 😄
  • Improved Overall Loading Times - We cleaned up some API requests on the backend related to user fetching that will speed up the initial workbook loading time by a considerable margin.
  • Better Handling for Export Errors - Previously if an export failed we weren’t able to recover and remove the export details from the screen. This update adds a helpful error toast to inform you that your export failed (and why), and removes the export details so you can continue working as normal or try exporting again.
  • License Refresh Timing - Previously we were calculating the timing for the monthly sync credit rollovers in two different places, which lead to some inconsistencies. We cleaned this code up and made sure to only track the timing in one spot, preventing a few bugs we saw in the wild.

Each release may consist of multiple deployments. If you have any questions, please contact us at support@visor.us.

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Written by Dmitriy Redkin