6/10/22 Release

6/10/22 Release

Minimum height banners, grid/sync performance updates
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We’ve released a new indicator for people using Visor on small screens. We’re always working to make Visor more responsive / accessible, but don’t currently have every single gap filled. We hope this banner can provide an early indicator for why you may be seeing the UI in a weird state.

Change Log


  • Minimum window size banners - We’ve added indicators to let users know the minimum window size necessary to see / use Visor as it was intended.


  • Grid Performance Updates (impacts Windows users) - We detected an internal function that was firing twice when moving around the grid using the arrow keys, causing the selected cell to occasionally jump in unexpected ways. Squashing this bug should bring decent performance improvements to grid navigation and make the whole experience feel snappier.
  • Sync / Import Stability updates - We detected a bug when using the “Sync All Records” button on the health page that caused a performance degradation in our backend systems. Fixing this bug should improve overall syncing performance.
  • Onboarding Checklist Stability Updates - In order to keep improving our product, we fire analytic events on features that people are using/not using. These analytic events were double/triple firing in some cases for the onboarding checklist. Fixing this bug will give us a better view on the checklist’s success, and allow us to make the right improvements going forward.

Each release may consist of multiple deployments. If you have any questions, please contact us at support@visor.us.

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Written by Alexis Dinac