8/18/2023 Release

8/18/2023 Release

You’ll see improved tooltips, imports, syncs, and performance loads.
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In this recent round of updates, you’ll see revamped tooltips to make navigating Visor a breeze and new improvements that make Jira imports effortless. Viewing on small screens is now seamless, and a new bug fix makes sharing workbook sharing error-proof.

Change Log


  • Tooltips glow-up alert. Subtle stylistic changes in our tooltips make navigating Visor even easier for you. 🌟
  • You’ll also see precise details to make importing from Jira more accurate. ✅
  • New upgrades to improve the Jira import experience on smaller screens 💻
  • Speed and performance improvements in Visor mean you can visualize your project faster. 🤩


  • Bugs be gone 🐛! When sharing workbooks, there’ll be no more mixups, and the recipients you choose will only get access meant for them. 🗣️
  • You’ll now see easier-to-understand directions for displaying data or fixing errors in Timeline views. 🔍

Each release may consist of multiple deployments. If you have any questions, please contact us at support@visor.us.

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Written by Dmitriy Redkin