6/3/22 Release

6/3/22 Release

Change Log

We’ve gotten a ton of requests recently to set up the Jira Key field as a link, to allow you to go straight into Jira and view the issue there. The thing is, this functionality was always available! You just had to right click the cell to find it. But, in order to make it more discoverable and more pleasant to use, we’ve updated the Link functionality such that whenever you focus a Jira Connection or Jira Key field (or any other connected field for that matter), you’re presented with a link to view that record directly in your connected app.


Try it out! Jump into your Visor workbook and see how easy it is to view your records in other apps.

We hope this helps you whip through your workflows even faster than before.


  • Connection Fields are Clickable Links — Clicking on any Connected Field (or a Jira Key) cell exposes a link that will take you directly to the source data. This allows you to quickly jump between Visor and Jira, and gives you added context when making updates in Visor.
  • Jira Connection Fields Reflect Issue Type Icon — Notice anything different about the above screenshot? Instead of seeing the generic Jira icon next to the Issue, you will now see the icon representing the Jira Issue Type. This provides even more context for the updates you’re making, and could let you reclaim some horizontal space by hiding the original Issue Type field altogether.
  • Support for Custom Jira Project Fields — Have a custom Jira field to map your Issues through to another project? You can now import any and all of your Jira Project fields into Visor.


  • Jira Field Enhancements — Resolved data connection issues with various Jira dropdown fields, including Team, Component, and Project.
  • Missing Hidden Fields on Timeline View — Resolved issues around fields not showing up in the “hidden fields” menu on Timeline views.
  • Onboarding Checklist z-indexing - While we’re still super excited about the new checklist launch, we had a few things to clean up with it this week. This latest release updates the checklist animations, and also fixes a z-indexing bug where the checklist would show behind the filtering/formatting menus on small screens.

Each release may consist of multiple deployments. If you have any questions, please contact us at support@visor.us.

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Written by Dmitriy Redkin